Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brightening my Wardrobe with SheInside

Hello, good afternoon/evening! SheInside sent me a little care package the other day! For those of you who aren't familiar, SheInside is an online webshop that sells trendy clothing and accessories. You can check out their selection here!

I've been curious as to the quality of this particular coat that I have seen floating around from different sellers on Storenvy and BuyChina. This is the one I'm talking about:

When I saw it on SheInside, I knew this was my chance to check the quality without getting scammed out of my money, too.  You can get your MLP Jacket here! So here's the package:

It's bundled up tight in the reusable baggie. This type of material does crease easily, though. Long trips overseas will inevitably wrinkle your clothing.

The My Little Pony Jacket. Or, as SheInside has dubbed it, the "Pink Stand Collar Long Sleeve Horse Print Jacket".  The measurements are as follows:
  • Shoulder(cm) :40cm
  • Bust(cm) :98cm
  • Sleeve Length(cm) :63cm
  • Length(cm) :62cm

I'm pretty tall (5'9 to be precise), and I've got lanky limbs to boot. This makes finding clothes kind of a hassle. There's always the fear of the clothes being too short. This jacket, despite my long arms and odd torso, fits me fairly well. It's not too tight in the torso area, but I did find that the sleeves are about three inches too short for me. Eh, you win some, you lose some.  
This is the inside of the jacket. It's a thin netting, typically seen in the windbreakers worn in the 90's.

Closeup of the pony prints.

SheInside also sent me some different eyeshadows to test out. The packaging:


Within this box is more bubble wrap.
Thin plastic that protects the container's outside from being scratched.


What I can say, is that I am impressed by their packaging. They offered two layers of bubblewrap, a box for the box, and as you'll see below, another clear piece to keep the powders from mixing/exploding.

You can see my Spiderman sock

All of the pretty colors!~

Overall, I'm very happy with my products. Sorry for the lack of an actual outfit, it seems this is one of the only pieces of clothing I own with actual color to it....

Thanks for reading!

Shop SheInside Here!

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