Saturday, November 2, 2013

My November Wishlist!

november wishlist

Wishlist Links:
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The Breakdown:

I've had my eye on these Anxiety Leggings from ShopWithAsianStereoTypes for quite a while now, hoping that maybe I'll stop loving them so much. I really can't afford to spend the money on them. It's been three months, and they are still gathering dust in my shopping cart. These leggings are just so perfect!

With the temperature cooling off, I find myself spending more time indoors. If I'm not buried twelve feet deep in my blankets with my DS, I'm pacing around the house trying to find something to do. I can only play housemaid for so long before I drive my fiance up the wall. Something we like to do together is cook. We're always trying to find something new to concoct in our little kitchen. "Little Paris Kitchen", combined with its positive reviews and my love of buying  unnecessary kitchen utensils  is probably a subconscious excuse for me to expand our kitchenware collection.

Since we are renting our current house, we can't paint or wallpaper the walls to brighten things up. This leaves me feeling drained, and droll. A new pair of brightly colored glasses would really lift my spirits! I'm loving cat-eye frames this year, and Bonlook has so many cute frames in a lot of different colors!

I'm also craving some Asian goodies! I really want to try some new candies and drinks. I had to control myself, this wishlist was almost 30 bullets long filled with different types of Pocky. I managed to narrow it down to just one new thing I'd like to try this month. Strawberry Calpico! I live in the South; we don't have any Asian grocery stores or markets. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with ordering my goodies online (shipping is ridiculous...) Have you guys tried Calpico?

Instant cameras are cool. Pastel colors are delightful. Combine those two, and I'm going to throw my money at you. I want to jump on the Fujifilm Instax Mini trend so badly! I remember playing with my mum's old Polaroid when I was a child. The sheer childish joy I felt watching the photo develop in my pudgy fingers is a memory I hold dearly.

I need cute booties. Take that however you wish. (butt posi 2013) I don't own many light colored articles of clothing. As I mentioned previously, colder weather makes me feel sapped of all the color my pink, kawaii soul needs. Furthermore, "no white after labor day" is bullshit.

Puppy collars are my favorite thing to shop for! I have two dogs, bursting with personality. Petco's designs have gotten stale. LA Dog Store on Etsy has so many cute designs that I just know my pups would love. (they like to feel like princesses)

Cold weather = cuddle buddy. I want this cutie Alpacasso! He's 50cm and from the Fresh Soda collection. The only Alpacasso supplier I trust is Rosy's Garden. I ordered my Alpacaffe Maid keychain from her a few months ago~ She's got the most reasonable prices, and a lot of satisfied customers.

I hope you enjoyed my rambling on! You can check out the shops with the links above. Thanks for reading~

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