Sunday, January 12, 2014

What I've been Watching Lately ♥

I watch a lot of Netflix. I love horror movies, crime dramas, and thrillers. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you! Of course, I left a LOT of my all-time favorites out to keep this post from being 10 miles long... I tried to keep it as recent as possible to avoid cluttering up the space.  Do you have any recommendations for me? You can leave a comment below, or send them to my Tumblr ask here! I'd love to hear from you 

Spooky Stuff

☽Grave Encounters
☽28 Days Later

 To Get Your Blood Pumpin'

☽The Hunger Games
☽World War Z
☽Battle Royale


When You Need a Laugh

☽The IT Crowd
☽Modern Family
☽Bob's Burgers

My Current Addictions

☽The Walking Dead
☽Law and Order: SVU
☽Breaking Bad

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