Sunday, January 11, 2015

♡ Zombie Unicorn Jewelry Review ♡

I was contacted not too long ago by the owner of Zombie Unicorn Jewelry to review a few items from her store. I was delighted! Zombie Unicorn Jewelry is managed by Anna, who specializes in fashioning handmade accessories from polymer clay. The goodies I chose are as follows: Femme Necklace, Egg Earrings, Crystal Earrings, and a Tooth Brooch.

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Despite it being the holiday season, my parcel arrived from Poland after only two weeks! I was very impressed at the delivery speed. All of my items were wrapped separately in the paper mailer, within a festive layer of maroon packaging.

All of ZombieUnicorn's jewelry are made by hand, and unlike some experiences I've had in the past with messy glue, or shoddily sewn seams, these items are sturdy, and durable. The necklace is attached to a long, silver chain, that gives it a very delicate accent, yet the charm itself is bold enough to be the centerpiece of any outfit that features more muted hues. I love how versatile all of the pieces are; the lil poached earrings are perfect to add a subtle harajuku feel to any outfit. I feel like they instantly make my outfits cuter. 

Every item is identical to it's stock photo, but significantly cuter in person! I was not disappointed. Each piece was around the size of a quarter, excluding the femme necklace, which was much larger. The glue work and amount of detail she included in her items was impressive! I really got a sense that she hand makes every item with care. As a customer, that makes me feel more secure in knowing that she really loves what she does, and each accessory she crafts.

I was absolutely satisfied with my transaction with ZUJ. Every item was made with care, and will be excellent additions to your accessories collection! Anna was kind enough to share a discount code for all of my followers, so you can use the code kamie10 for 10% off of your purchase. I hope you have all enjoyed this little review, please don't forget to check out more of Zombie Unicorn's products at the links below!

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