Monday, August 12, 2013

Necessary Introductions.

This is my very first Blogger post ever. How exciting. To start things off, my name is Kamie. I made this blog to review products/shops, and to have a designated area to babble on about things.

Kamie 101

The Basics:

 My parents call me Llama. My fiance calls me Alpaca.
I live in the US.
 I'm 20 years old.
 I'm engaged.
 I have two fur babies.
I work in a coffee shop.
 My shopping/fashion blog is

The Fun Stuff:

I love animals, coffee, video games, horror movies, and fashion.
My favorite TV shows are Supernatural, Dexter, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, The X-Files, and The Walking Dead.
 I like to cosplay! (currently perfecting my Harley Quinn)
I take a lot of pictures. On that note; a picture is worth a thousand words, right? What better way to familiarize one with my life than through the pictures I've taken of it, eh?
This is the most recent photo of me, taken outside of Planet Fun in Savannah, GA. I was so excited to be near a Pikachu that size that I didn't know what to do with myself.

These are my babies, Jaws the Chihuahua and Ginger the German Shepherd.

My blonde hair, and my fiance. Two things I love very dearly (minor narcissism?). Again, my goofy smile pervades this image. Here are a few pictures from my Instagram, which you are welcome to follow for small updates (IG: Kamiedoll).

Annnnnd that just about sums this up. I do hope you enjoy my blog, I'll be posting more as soon as my packages arrive.

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