Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Call me Harley: Body Harness Carnage Review!

Body Harness Carnage

Afternoon, puddin's. I've got quite an interesting review for you today from Body Harness Carnage on Storenvy. The owner was even nice enough to share a discount code for you guys! (You can find it at the bottom of this article!) BHC sells handmade garters, garter belts, bras, chokers, waist and full harnesses. Do you have a special design in mind, but are having trouble making it a reality?  No sweat! Over at Body Harness Carnage, Jenny will make a completely custom piece just for you.  

I was browsing through this shop, and I stumbled across the Harley Quinn Garter Belt. I immediately fell in love with it. Harley is one of my favorite characters. I relate to her on a spiritual level. My fellow fangirls will understand. Anyway, Jenny was kind enough to send it over for me to review! So let's get on to it!

Communication: 5/5
Quick in, quick out. Easy, pleasant transactions. She was so patient with me! I can be pretty ditzy, but she was polite and helpful every time we talked.  Easy 5/5.

Shipping: 4/5
From England, it took around a week and a half to arrive. That's pretty fair time, I think. I was stalking my mailbox for the entire time period though, which made it seem to take longer. I scrambled out of my house every night, angrily shaking my fist at every UPS truck that passed my post. 

Packaging: 5/5
I couldn't get a decent photo of the packaging because my dogs are little HELLIONS (my babies <3). But know that everything was packed safely. She even wrapped my garter in this precious little snowman baggie and tied it in little bows... It was adorable.

The Product:
I love the colors (obviously), the thick material, the strong spikes. My favorite thing though, is that everything is adjustable. You can adjust how long the garter belt is on either side (one long sock, one short sock!) as well as the waist. 

The studs are so secure! Mr. J lookin' maniacal as always... swoon
The sock clasps.

This is the buckle in the back. 

Sturdiness: 5/5
I am fully confident that this is one of the strongest accessories I now own. Since I want to use it for a variety of different activities, (cosplay, daily wear, foreplay, whatever) this is perfect. Another thing to be known about me: I am clumsy. I break things. I can't seem to avoid fucking up my clothes. No matter how cautious I try to be, my shit gets broken. Torn, stretched, snapped in half, you name it, it's probably happened. But this garter belt is thick, the clips are thick-er, and the safety snap in the back is comparable to that of one usually used in the construction of a backpack. It's pretty heavy duty. Since it is upheld by my waist, it doesn't stretch with my body. It's adjustable. So I get the hold I need for whatever I'm doing.

Comfort: 4.5/5
The sturdiness is perfect for me, I think everything that I wear should be made of solid steel. I will sacrifice comfort for long lasting material. However, if you're wearing a short top like I was, you're going to feel the rub. It isn't terribly uncomfortable, but after wearing it, bending, stretching, changing, whatever I was doing, I started to feel that thick material I was just complimenting a paragraph ago. Although, over a shirt, it will be virtually unnoticeable. But in the event that you will be wearing this without coverage, you may experience slight irritation.

Overall: 4.5/5
The garter belt is perfect for me. I love that it's completely adjustable. I like that it's built to last, and that it reminds me of one of my favorite characters. I'm going to get a lot of use out of this piece. I think that all of you reading this should browse through Body Harness Carnage, and don't be afraid to commission her for a customized piece. She does beautiful work that's made to last you a long time. You will definitely get your money's worth in this shop.

Shop Body Harness Carnage Here!

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