Friday, September 13, 2013

Tops at Stellrae Shop: Review!

Stellrae Shop

Hello guys, I received a delightful package from Stellrae Shop yesterday, and I am so excited to tell you all about it. Stellrae sells tank tops with many interesting quotes and designs. I had a really tough time deciding which design I wanted to review, so I asked the owner to surprise me!


I love personalized packages. 

Shipping:  ★★★★/5
From Texas, it only took my parcel three days to arrive in my mailbox. She shipped the same day I messaged her! I'm always impressed with how quickly items shipped within the US arrive, because I am so accustomed to the incredibly long amount of time that I have to wait on most of my international packages.

Communication: ★★★★/5
Raestell was prompt, friendly, and very helpful in her responses. What more can you ask for?  

Contents: ★★★★/5
I received the Hamsa shirt! Simply put, the Hamsa is a universal sign of protection. The design is very clean, and it transferred flawlessly onto the shirt. The transfer is very smooth to the touch.

The design.
R.I.P. sleeves
(pardon my atrocious nails)

The top itself is very soft, lightweight material. It's perfect to wear on a warm day full of outdoor activity. The edges where the sleeves once were are left raw. It is best treated gently. On Stellrae's main page, she has instructions on how to best care for your shirt. If you're forgetful like I am, then you can refer back to her shop for a reminder.
"When washing, turn the shirt inside out, then use cold water and set washing machine to delicate. Hang to dry." 

I really like this top! Lots of positive comments when I wore it out. I don't own a lot of brown in my wardrobe, so it gave me a chance to change up my usual routine. If you're looking for unique designs, you should definitely check this shop out. Thanks for reading!

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