Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Truth is Out There

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting very much. I've been incredibly sick over the last few weeks. Today, I'm here to talk to you about a new shop I've found on Etsy called Frostovision! Frostovision has so many quirky and geeky pieces, I'm glad to have found this store.  I was looking for buttons to decorate an outfit that I'm currently piecing together, and I found their shop offered the best price for what I wanted. I was having trouble choosing between which buttons I wanted, as most shops were selling one pin for two or three dollars, and I had to pay separate shipping charges. Luckily, though, my persistence in my search payed off, and I found Frostovision's shop! I got six 1" buttons (which offered all of the designs I was torn between) for $7.75, shipping included. What a steal!

The owner of the shop was kind enough to message me the day after I placed an order, and let me know that my package had shipped.  I was happy to find that my package arrived after only three days. I opened up the bubble-wrapped envelope, thankfully, nothing was harmed during shipping. I purchased a set of six X-Files themed pins from Frostovision. (I adore The X-Files.)  The owner also included a business card; very professional!
Ginger is quite enthused.

Above are the buttons I bought. They're about 1" big, and they feature tag lines from the show! As I mentioned previously, I'm putting an outfit together for a review, and these pins are just the geeky little addition I needed. Here are some additional photos I took:

Thanks for reading this short little review! 

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