Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SheInside: Worth Mentioning


Good afternoon, everyone, and happy almost-Halloween! 

 I'm back again to review my items from  SheInside. This month, I selected two items, the Black Pleated PU Leather Skirt, and the Black Long Sleeve Zipper PU Leather Jacket. I received the skirt, but rather than that swank jacket, I received this: White Long Sleeve Phoenix Floral Print Jacket

I took some screenshots of the emails:

                                                                Order Accuracy: 3/5

I get quite a few asks on Tumblr saying things along the lines of "don't you think that your sponsors will take more care in preparing your packages, and give you good service, since they want you to write a good review?" Well, here is a prime example of a common mistake, that happens with every store, and to many buyers, at one time or another. While it's incredibly inconvenient, and often disappointing, mistakes do happen. I was rather disappointed in this service (not only because I had a pretty cool outfit I wanted to show off to you all) but because there wasn't an opportunity to amend it. They didn't offer to change it for me. I had not received my notification of shipment, or tracking information yet, but my order was not able to be changed.

I do understand that accidents happen, and truthfully, I'm not even upset by it. Perhaps they had already shipped my item, and there was a delay in sending me my shipping confirmation. I was a bit disappointed at the time, but I'm not one to worry about something like this for more than a day or two. I just thought it was worth mentioning. Had I, however, paid for one of these items, and gotten the same service, I would have been rather frustrated, having to pay to resend the item and then wait another two or three weeks to receive my correct order.

Shipping Time: 4/5
There was a pretty heavy delay in shipping time, because China held a national holiday during the first week of October. Therefore, orders got pretty backed up. I placed my order on September 28th, and they arrived on October 29th. It took a little over a month. On the brightside, shipping is free!

Packaging: 5/5

Standard plastic packaging, with each item in it's own zip-lockable bag. I do quite like this touch, as I can reuse them to store my wigs/makeup when travelling.

The Items:

Quality of the Items: 4/5
Sorry for the horrendous lighting.

My measurements:  I'm a US medium, and I'm 5'9".

I ordered a size Large in the skirt, because I wasn't sure if the waist had any extra stretch. It does, which is pleasant, but it almost doesn't matter, because the zipper will only withstand so much movement.This skirt is a good length for me! I can wear it to work or out on a date with or without tights, and don't have to worry about showing my whole ass to the world.
The skirt is made of faux leather material, making it sort of stiff. However, that's what I'd expect from, well, faux leather. It seems pretty durable. I'm more concerned that the zipper will break than the skirt ripping or becoming damaged. It's a lot of fun to wear, and it makes my legs look even longer than they already are. (im actually a giraffe)

The jacket is much like that of a windbreaker, but softer material, if that makes sense? It's like there's more insulation in the sleeves for cooler days, versus that of, say, the My Little Pony Jacket I reviewed last month. (You can check that out here, by the way.) The print looks like a painting from a Chinese restaurant; that's to say, it's very elegant. This coat material is pretty high quality, but the zipper is a bit cheap. It's much too small for me. The sleeves only reach to the top of my wrist tattoo, which I have included a photo for reference, below:

Overall: 3/5
Due to the order inaccuracy, the shipping delays, the lack of communication, and the worry of the zippers breaking, I have to give SheInside a 3/5 this month. I have had positive experiences in the past, and it is still one of my favorite online stores, but this month, the service was pretty low key. It is not what anyone should expect from such a well-known name. I'm hoping that all of the above issues are related somehow; maybe the holiday threw off their groove? I just hope that this does not happen again.

Thank you for reading! I hope you all enjoy Halloween! I'll leave you guys with some additional photos I took. I'll apologize in advance, I have My Little Pony band-aids and bruises all over my legs. Unfortunately, they're very visible in the photos. I fell face first into the dirt last weekend (a good pair of tights were lost that day.)

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