Thursday, November 28, 2013

Foxy Top: A SheInside Review

Good evening, I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. I know I did! I always really enjoy spending time with my family. I don't get to see them often, so when we do get together, we get to catch up! We exchange lots of stories over delicious food.

Anyway! I'm here to show you all my delightful new sweatshirt that SheInside sent me a few days ago, the "Green Round Neck Fox Print Sweatshirt", or simply put, the Fox Print Sweatshirt.
 It has quickly become my new favorite top.

Here are the stock photos:


  • Shoulder(cm):44cm
  • Bust(cm):88cm
  • Length(cm):57cm
  • Sleeve Length(cm):49cm


  • Packaging/Ship Time: 5/5
Sent in SheInside's standard, thick plastic mailing bag, the sweatshirt was folded neatly inside a reusable, zip-lockable baggy. Nothing was harmed or damaged during it's travel. It arrived in a little over two weeks, which is a definite improvement from last month. (you can read more about that here.)

Comfort/Fit: 4/5
The measurements are above. It is only available in one-size, and I can tell you now: this top runs small. I have a lot of trouble with tops from China not fitting properly. The arms and waist are always too short. It's important to have your measurements on hand when ordering from a site based in another country. The fit is a bit snug, I would recommend it for a person that is a US XS/S. However, it works for me as a cute 3/4 length crop top whenever I roll up the sleeves! I absolutely adore this top. (Pictures below.)

Quality: 4/5

Cons: The fabric is rather stiff.
Rather expensive.

Pros: Sturdy print. It can withstand multiple runs through the wash.
Versatile material. It's perfect for a cooler fall day, or a warmer spring or summer day.
         Matches up identically to the stock photo. The colors are spot on.  (this is important.)
          No loose threads.
Overall: 4/5
SheInside gets a 4/5 from me this month. This top is a definite statement piece. It's quite popular at my job! Every time I've worn it, I have gotten a new compliment. You can purchase your own top from the link below, or you can browse SheInside's other wares by clicking here! On to the photo spam!

Get your Fox Print Sweatshirt Here!

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