Friday, December 6, 2013

Gifts Ideas for Him

Gifts For Him

For those of you, like me, who have a hard time finding gifts for the men in your lives, I've compiled this little collage of ideas I came up with. I tried to keep it as diverse as possible, but I obviously don't know what every man likes. I'll admit, I kept asking myself, "Would Philip use this? Would he like this?" Most of these items are based on my fiance, because honestly, I don't know much about normal men, haha. So I tried to keep it simple, versatile, but still useful.

The Breakdown:  

Items 1 and 2 are cookbooks! "The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook" and "A Feast of Ice and Fire Cookbook", both of which are available from Amazon and Thinkgeek. I mentioned in a former post that my fiance and I enjoy cooking together, and since we are both massive geeks, these cookbooks would be as much a gift to him, as they would be to me! It's a gift we could both enjoy. Both books have a wide variety of recipes with a themed twist, they will definitely keep the kitchen interesting. You can purchase The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook here. You can purchase A Feast of Ice and Fire here.

Not sure if your man likes to bake, grill, or run a massive meth operation under the guise of a chicken restaurant, but if any of the above are in the vicinity of his interests, you can bet he'll love this apron. You can purchase the Los Pollos Hermanos apron here.

The sun is still a pain in the ass, even in the winter.  Keep your man's baby eyes protected with these dapper sunglasses from ZeroUV. 

Not all guys like scarves. Philip won't wear them. I tell him they're practical, but he doesn't think wearing a woolen snake beast coiled around your neck looks cool. Philip is wrong. Don't be like Philip. Get your man a knitted neck warming monster right here.

I love the versatility that ShopWAS offers in their clothing. They have a shit ton of interesting, minimalist designs that fit every season, every occasion. They come in all sizes, too! The Oni Demon, I think, is a very intriguing design to wear on a man's sweatshirt. The description is as follows: "Depicts - Kanji: Demon, a Oni / Hannya face, the embodiment of female jealousy." I think that's fucking rad. I'd wear it. Philip would wear it. You should buy two. Get your matching Oni Sweatshirts here.

Etsy Shop TeestoYou offers a lot of different types of Christmas sweaters, and "Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal" is my favorite. This sweatshirt goes up to a size 5XL. Your boyfriend will definitely top Grandma this year in the Ugly Sweater Contest if you buy him this baby. This top is offered in different colors, too, so you should definitely check out their shop! You can purchase this sweater here.

Next, I've listed three different beanies from Karmaloop. Your man needs variety, and I get that. I tried to list the warmest and most versatile looking beanies I could find on their site. Here are the links: The Black Beanie is available here. The Gray one is here. The BLVCK is here.

CARD.GAMES. Fun couple activity, invite friends over, be vulgar and be merry. I've never heard of someone having a bad time playing Cards Against Humanity. Cards Against Humanity is Available on Amazon here!

And last on our list are boots. Not just any boots, Doc Marten's. Philip isn't much for color, but if he'd trust my fashion senses, I'm telling you, he'd look bomb as hell wearing the red ones. I listed both in case your boyfriend prefers black, too. Both are available on Dr. Marten's site.

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