Friday, December 6, 2013

Mom Facts: A Gift Guide

Gifts for Mum

Moms can be pretty hard to shop for. My mum says the same thing every year, "I don't need anything for Christmas." The keyword here is need. If your mum isn't talking, keep an eye out when you go shopping together, or when she's reading the paper, a magazine, whatever. Collect the clues and turn on your best "good cop" routine. Finding a good present for your mom is important.  Below, I'm going to spout off some very obvious Mom Facts from the article: "How to Utilize the Stuff You Probably Already Know About Moms  to Find Her a Good Christmas Gift".

The Breakdown:

Mrs. Frosty BathBomb Gift Set
In Spatu-love Spatula
Chill in the Air Circle Scarf
Care for a Cupcake? Tea Kettle
Contain Your Excitement Container
Blazing Satchel
Cheri Jubilee Slipper Socks

It is a well known fact that moms love baths. Raising a youth to it's middle meat stage has probably left her desperate for some relaxation time. Let your beloved mother enjoy her bath with Mrs. Frosty bathbombs from Lush.

Moms cook. I'm pretty sure. You can get her this cute spatula to show her that you love her cooking, but not as much as you love her. You may also use this as bribery for delicious baked goods. The choice is yours.

Moms have delicate mom necks that need to be protected from the bitter winter at all times. She will also tell you how wise you are for choosing such a beautiful color. "It's so festive!"

Chances are, your mom probably loves tea, or coffee. And if she doesn't, you can give it to her anyway. This tea kettle is cute enough for her to leave on display for many Christmases to come.

I once read in a science magazine that moms have a lot of doo-dads. They need cute storage containers to put more doo-dads and thing-a-ma-jigs in.

Mom Fact Number Six:  Moms like fashionable and functional purses. They need plenty of storage for their checkbooks, makeup, billfolds, and nail-polishes. As an added bonus, you can also throw in the Undetectable Extension Charm so that she can fit her NCIS DVD Box Sets in there.

Moms need warm feets. It's essential to their survival. It is a well-known fact that moms love to wear fleece Santa socks inside their even fleecier house slippers. Two birds with one stone with these cute Sock Slippers from Modcloth!

The final, and most important Mom Fact of all, is that Moms love their children. She will be grateful no matter what you get her, and for her, it truly is the thought that counts. I hope you can use these Mom Facts wisely in your journey to find her the perfect gift.

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