Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Current Plushie Collection

I don't know about you guys, but I love my stuffed animals. Fluffy, squishy, and cute to boot! Recently, I've been feeling like my little darlings haven't been getting enough love, so I wanted to do a blog post all about them! 

 Here's a photo of them all!

I just recently started rebuilding my collection. I've been through several moves over the years, and many were lost over the course of time.

Let's get to know these cuties! 

 First in line is my Kids Animal Hat Alpacasso, Klaus! He was one of my Christmas gifts from my fiance. He's from eBay. There's Sugar, the Deerling. My fiance won her on my birthday from a booth at Six Flags.
In the photo to the right, we have a little Rilakkuma, and Amphy the Ampharos (eBay). I'm pretty sure they're both knock-offs, but that doesn't matter much to me. They were only about $4 each. Blitz was a surprise gift from my roommate, Josh. He bought one of those $20 Surprise bags from a local anime convention, and a Flareon Pokedoll (with tags) was in there! He gave him to me out of the kindness of his heart (bless u). There's also a Pikachu Keychain that my fiance got me from our trip to Savannah. I think he's from an "I Love Pikachu" line. (I lost his tag..) There was a really cool retro toy/video game store that we fell in love with, and they were selling all kinds of Pokemon merchandise!

The Hannari Tofu cellphone holder was an extra gift included with my fiance's purchase of Klaus! But you can also buy them separately here. On top of the tofu is one of my more recent purchases, Lady. Cassandra (Derpola) on Tumblr was having a plushie sale, and was kind enough to send me Lady, two other cuties, and a bag of goodies! I wish you could've seen the packaging. She drew an adorable Alpacasso on it!
Biscuit the Oshawott was a gift from an old friend. He picked him up at an anime convention three or four years ago. Biscuit  was also the name of my in-game starter. I put one of the "Together" Bracelets Burger King was selling to raise money after Japan went through the Earthquake/Tsunami in 2011 on Biscuit to wear as a headband.

Nebraska is a fairly convincing replica. Philip bought her for me at Nerdacon. The booth owner was selling authentic Alpacasso keychains, but all of his larger plushies were replicas. He didn't market the big ones as authentic, but he didn't tell us outright that she wasn't. I spend a lot of time looking at licensed Alpacasso online, so I knew before I even picked her up that she wasn't from Amuse. She was about $10 cheaper than Amuse brand. I still love her to pieces, and I let her wear that floral Usamimi headband as a scarf, instead of the atrocious leopard print ascot she had.

Buneary is one of the few plush that I held on to from highschool. She was a gift from some friends.
Next to Buneary is Pretzel, the smaller Minccino. I got him from Derpola's Plushie Sale!

 In the far back, Cream the Rabbit and Shadow the Hedgehog were gifts from Philip's old job. They were stashed away in a storage room, and he found and rescued them (along with Silver the Hedgehog, but I forgot to put him in the photo). In the middle is TigerEnte (I think I spelled that correctly.) He's handsewn by his great aunt in Germany. He's super cute and cuddly.  The middle row are my two Sylveon plushies ("Best Wishes" from Amazon), and the big Minccino, Munch (from Derpola) .

Pretzel, Cinnamon, and Brisk. Again, I'm pretty sure Brisk is a knock-off, but I love him all the same. 

Munch, Pretzel, and Lady were sent to me from Derpola. They all came with their tags attached, and carefully packaged. She's super nice and careful in packing.She gave me the tracking information, and made sure that I had received my package. She even included a bag of treats and little note! (You can check out her Tumblr here!)

Milk, Cinnamon, and Dolly were my Christmas gifts! Philip and my friends accidentally got me the same plush, but I'm glad they did! They're so cute! All of these darlings are from Amazon. 

All of my Christmas gifts!

The Sylveon sticker is from BreakfastWolf on Storenvy, and the Sylveon Zipper Bag is from CryptoStore.

And finally, who could forget the cutest babies of them all? My puppies! 
Thanks for reading! I hope you guys enjoyed this rather lengthy post, haha. 

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