Thursday, February 20, 2014

♥ My Valentine's Day: Pastel Pink 3DS ♥

pixel cred. : ooj on tumblr
For Valentine's Day, my favorite man-candy decided to surprise me with the gift I've wanted for almost an entire year now: this beaut! We spent the night watching Wolf Children, which left us both sobbing heaps in one another's laps on the sofa. While I was nothing more than a vulnerable snotty wreck, he delivers to me the box containing this perfect piece of technology. I immediately collapsed on the floor, clutching it like it were the last box of tissues I'd ever see in my pathetic life. It took a solid fifteen minutes, but after drying it of my tears, I was able to un-box it and revel in all of it's pastel glory. I'm gonna share some photos of it with you (because when you've got something this pretty, you have to photograph it)
 You can get Wolf Children here! (you won't regret it)  ]
Oh! I also got this amazing Sylveon case from CrytopStore on Storenvy!
I couldn't resist adding a few images of my favorite games. I've been playing Mario Party at every opportunity... Also pictured are my long time addictions: Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing. At any rate, thank you for reading, I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day. Big shout out to my darling baby angel fiance, who has the perfect sense in gifts, but never in the "I-Should-Probably-Not-Leave-My-Socks-Here" area of the term. 
 pastel pink 3DS here ]

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