Friday, February 21, 2014

✩Sandy's Shop Review ✩

Today, I'm going to talk to you all about one of my new favorite stores: Sandy's Shop! Although she specializes in legwear (tights, socks, etc) her store also sells accessories like beanies, jewelry, and some apparel. I am a sock fanatic (I've been quoted on spending $50+ on them in a single trip to the mall). They're my own little way of accessorizing, since I'm very selective with jewelry. The pair I will be reviewing cost $8.00 (what a steal!) They are called the "Lace Bow Side Knee High Boot Socks", and I got them in dark grey.
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✩ Review ✩
The owner, Sandy, was incredibly kind to me throughout our e-mails. She was quite delightful! She wrote to me and kept me up to date with my package. She gave me an estimated delivery date, which was around 10-12 business days from shipment (excluding holidays, of course.) 

My parcel arrived exactly 11 days from her finalized shipment notification. I love when my mail arrive earlier than expected! It was packaged and taped very securely; my socks were even wrapped in a little plastic bag of their own! Sandy included a business card with the store's name, related websites, and e-mail, with a piece of candy taped to it. To top it off, she wrote me a little personal note that she attached to the outside of the knee highs' bag. Very professional, and thoughtful! 
They look and fit identically as they do the model in the stock photo! HURRAH~ It can be difficult for me to find perfectly fitted socks and tights, because I've got giraffe legs and boats for feet. (I'm 5'9, and wear a 10 in US footwear) I'm ecstatic that they are so well-suited. 

They're rather stretchy, and they hold up well on their own with the elastic-y top. (my descriptions don't do these socks justice) The lace and bow additions are stitched sturdily into the fabric. They will last me for a while. For the price, they're excellent quality.

You might not be able to tell from my photos, but whenever the material is stretched out, there are subtle heart designs made into the fabric. Not to mention the adorable lace bows on the sides. Cute!
My favorite thing about these knee-highs though, has to be the versatility. I can wear them rolled down at my ankles, or pull them all the way up to show off the bows! The prices are extremely affordable. The product I received was in excellent condition. I had an extremely pleasant experience with the customer service, order accuracy, and reliability of this store. Easy 5/5. Thank you Sandy, for giving me this wonderful opportunity!

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