Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lolita Shoes ( + Mini Review of Apfel-Birne Shop)

I recently purchased these delightful wedges from a second-hand store on Storenvy. They're called the Scalloped Lolita Wedges. I've wanted a pair of lolita shoes for quite some time now, but I was cautious due to the price of shipping and the size differences. (I've never been good at conversions...) Then, by sheer luck alone, I came across Apfel-Birne Shop! They sell pre-owned clothing and goodies from various different Japanese brands (lots of Liz Lisa). These wedges were listed as a US 10 in the store (26 cm). After battling with my wallet, I decided to give it a shot. They were only $40, with free shipping within the US. "If they don't fit, you can just resell them. You'll never know if you don't try." Thank you, voice of reason.

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The Stock Photo:

I'm going to skip over the "communication" section this round, because I had no reason to contact the owner. Everything was smooth, and my parcel arrived a mere 4 days after I purchased. The packaging was an adorable pink plastic-paper hybrid with flowers printed on it. Inside were my shoes, wrapped in thin white paper for protection, a printed version of my receipt, and an envelope with a handwritten letter inside. no, apfel-birne, thank you.

The wedges look identical to the photo as far as "damage" and design are concerned.
As these shoes were pre-owned, I expected a little damage or wear to be visible. However, the term "gently used" could be interchanged freely with "barely used" or "worn once for like 3 minutes". I was delighted to find that the shoes were in brand new condition! There was no odd smell that usually accompanies second-hand clothing, nothing. They are perfect. The inside says, "Bodyline", so I'm assuming that's where they came from originally. 
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The little bows, agh
They are very light, despite their appearance. I'm not clumping around, falling over twigs, or breaking my neck trying to get out of them. They're incredibly easy to move about in, and any scuffs can be removed with a damp cloth.

The best part of all is that they fit. They are comfortable; I wore them out on Friday all day long, and they held up to my skipping, hopping, and constant giddy movement without an issue. 

I fuckin' love these shoes. My mum said they remind her of "babydoll shoes". I feel so dainty with them on, and I know I drove my fiance nuts by constantly asking him to photograph them for me, haha! To conclude, I had a great experience with Apfel-Birne Shop, and you all should head over to take a look at their wares. You might find some great prices on basically new items. 

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