Friday, March 28, 2014

Stayin' Cute with Kissy²

Recently I came across a darling shop on Etsy named "Kissy2".  The store is operated by the incredibly friendly Margaret,  who sells handmade clothing, jewelry, and accessories. I'm really excited to review for this store, the owner takes great photos, and her products were amazing! I could immediately tell that Margaret takes pride in her work, and was delighted to cooperate with her. For this review, I received one of each color BonBon clip, a Candy Sprinkle BonBon clip, and a pair of black Baby Deer Antler clips. The links to the products are below. Scroll on to read the full review.

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The Stock Photos:

ginger was so excited that we got mail

This little package only took 3 days to arrive from Indiana! My items were sent in thick paper parcel lined with bubblewrap. Inside, they were enclosed in a plastic baggie with a twist-tie at the opening. The owner enclosed a precious note on kitty stationery along with my accessories. Cute cute cute! 

Ms. Margaret, the owner, was courteous and pleasant in all of our exchanges! She was very eager to help, and answered every question I had. She responded within 2 hours of me writing her each time. This is the type of diligence that I respect of small shop owners. 

The items are all handmade. The bonbon clips are made of sequined fabric, attached to an alligator clip, and decorated with little rhinestone jewels. The antlers were crafted from polymer clay, and painted over with a matte black coating. Unfortunately, as I was putting on my antlers, they snapped right off of the alligator clasps! They arrived in perfect condition, so it could have been me being too rough with them (i have yaoi hands) or it could have been a strange reaction with the weather. AL's shitty climate effects all things in some way or another. Either way, it was a clean break. The hot glue didn't seal correctly with the clay, perhaps? They can easily be reattached, though. I did contact the store's owner to let her know, and she was very apologetic. She told me that she would definitely look into using a different type of sealant. But, I can't let her take the blame for something that was mostly my fault... So treat your antlers carefully! My lil antlers can easily be fixed with another squirt of hot glue, so once I get them back together, I'll show pictures of me wearing them. Other than the antlers separating, the bonbon clips are perfect in every way. They stay in hair and wigs with ease, and they're super cute. (they look great on my new pink wig!)

As the items are handmade, you can expect to find a few small imperfections in the items. However, the only thing I found was minor, and unnoticeable from far away. You can see the glue that leaked a bit on only one of the sequined bonbons, but only if you examine it from a tilted angle, making it visually unnoticeable to anyone when I'm wearing it. All of my items were identical to their stock photos, as well!

Kissy2 has many different items that can be used in a variety of styles. The BonBon Clips are perfect for fairy kei (one of my favorites). K2 sells a lot of brightly colored and quirky accessories for Japanese fashion lovers. She also carries different tops and chokers that would make excellent additions to anyone that prefers nu goth/pastel goth/creepy cute fashions. This store is very well rounded, with a lot of different items to choose from. Although I was disappointed that I broke my cute antler clips, I'm really glad that it's fixable! I learned a valuable lesson from this review: treat handmade items carefully!

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