Thursday, March 13, 2014

Of Spikes and Lace: A Fragile Pony Review

Today, I'll be providing a proper review of the store, Fragile Pony. I've worked with Vanessa in the past; she sent me this absolutely darling garter that I wear on every available occasion. (in the last few months it's been a bit too chilly for me to wear outside...) You can view my photo of it here!

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This time, Miss Vanessa sent me a choker, as well as a garter set to share with you all. Here is the photo that she sent me:


Vanessa kept me up to date with her shipping schedule, and let me know as soon as she had sent it out. We stayed in near constant contact throughout the process. 

My package arrived 3 or 4 days after she'd shipped, which is pretty quick! My accessories were sent in a thick paper parcel, plastic lined the inside. Whenever I opened it, I found this beautiful pastel, polka-dot bag with a little silver twist-tie at the neck. Inside it were my goodies! Each were individually wrapped in their own baggie. (the baggies themselves had beautiful writing that said "especially for you", and they were all neatly tucked in like sleepy baby bears )  She also enclosed three business cards with her contact information and website addresses. that I intend to put near the register at my job as a coffee-wizard.

The choker is adjustable with the ribbons in the back, and the garters are made of stretchable elastic that will form to your shape. The garter set holds up quite well on their own, they do slip some after I've walked around for a while, but that's to be expected. I'm certainly not constantly having to re-position them. 

The choker is made of real leather, and semi-gold O-Ring. I love O-Ring chokers. I think they're unique, and useful [insert scandalous wink here].  The spikes are securely attached into the material. The garters are made of synthetic leather and have gorgeous black satin bows stitched into them with white lace trim lining the bottom. All of my items are incredibly well made, and will last me many wears. 

I love the colors of these items; pastels are so pleasing to the eye! The mint and pink contrast each other magically... They are identical to the picture that Miss Vanessa sent me. 

I feel empowered wearing these beautiful pieces; like a gentle forest nymph frolicking in a flower field combined with the brute-yet-somehow-graceful badassery of a fearsome Hydra. I highly recommend Fragile Pony for all of your lingerie accouterments. (you could say I'm in love with FP) She takes custom orders, and has a line called "Dolls with Curves" that she's been working very diligently on. Take your business to Fragile Pony! You won't be disappointed. (i know i wasn't)

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