Thursday, April 3, 2014

★ Home For The Weekend + OOTD ★

Hello everyone. Today's post is about a Storenvy called "Home for the Weekend". Home For The Weekend is especially high on my favorites list, because it specializes in unique, geeky items that truly cannot be replicated. The shop sells vintage/thrifted items, as well as handmade shirts, sweaters, and a variety of accessories (garters, collars, and goggles). I was sent the "white haired anime boys" tee, and the "drip-drop" goggles. I've put some links for you down below.

★ white haired anime boys tee  ]
★ drip-drop goggles ★ ]


From Maryland, the package took only 3 days to arrive at my house. For custom made items, I expected it to take much longer!  The items were mailed in a sturdy plastic bag, the outside had adorable some deco tape around it. Inside, my items were neatly and compactly placed together, covered in protective white sheets. I didn't take any photos of the internal wrapping because in my excitement, I shredded the paper... Andie sent my goggles, "White Haired Anime Boys" top,  a card with a returning buyer's discount code, and threw in some of extra stickers! (I immediately put them on my laptop.)

Andie was super pleasant throughout the entire exchange. She very kindly answered every question that I had. She's very helpful! Be sure to ask her if you have any questions about caring for your items. (She recommends washing your tops inside out, and letting them line dry.)

90% of this photo is legs sorry i'm part giraffe

silver hair don't care
I asked for a Medium in the "White Haired Anime Boys" shirt, because normally my height and shoulders would require the extra length. After unpacking it,  I thought it was going to swallow me. I thought I'd made a mistake in asking for a medium. However, once I actually tried it on, it fit a lot better than I'd originally imagined! It's still a bit long, but I can wear it with cute leggings, or tuck it in to a pair of high waist shorts (as you can see from the photos). If you're shorter than me, (I'm 5'9) I'd recommend sizing down, because the sizes run a bit big.

The text on the top seems sturdy enough, but I'd suggest turning your top inside out before washing, just in case. A little extra precaution never hurts, right? The font is adorable; I love how the pink highlights the light blue. The goggles were hand made, and hand painted. You can ask for a different color for the drips, but I went with the sky blue shade that is shown on the stock photo. It's beautiful and bright. The Drip-Drop Goggles are definitely a conversation starter. 

The shirt is pretty lightweight, and isn't confining at all. I can move freely around without my shoulders popping seams. The goggles are incredibly comfortable as well. The insides (parts against your face, not sure of the correct term) is padded with soft material, and the band is completely adjustable. I like wearing them as a hair band, or around my neck. The padding inside actually helps hold them in place on my head. These goggles make me feel prepared to repair some mechs. 

If you're searching for that one piece that will bring your outfit together, or maybe you just want something to let your nerd pride shine, I'd definitely head on over to Home For The Weekend. The store sells great quality, one-of-a-kind items, the owner is extremely pleasant, and offers quick shipping. If you happen to buy anything, tell Andie that Kamie sent ya'! 

 white haired anime boys tee  ]
 drip-drop goggles ]
 shop home for the weekend  ]

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