Monday, April 7, 2014

My First Lil Taobao Haul + Mini Reviews

I received my Taobao/Bhiner order today. I'm pleased to tell you all that all of my items arrived in good condition, and within less than 2 weeks from the ship date. In fact, it only took about eight days. I was pleasantly surprised! The screenshot below is from the Airmail HK tracking site, but on the 28th of March, I checked out the USPS site, because there hadn't been any updates on the Airmail HK site. My package had been transferred (same tracking information), and I was able to see what was going on with my package within the US. The USPS site updated me whenever my goods had cleared customs, and when it was out for delivery.  If you would like to read about the ordering process, and shipping, I'll drop some links below.

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Shipping Timeline:

 ♥ Review 

my dogs hate me pt. 1

Everything was sealed in a big box, about 42-44 cm tall (I can only measure things by Klaus' height...) Inside, all of my items were compactly placed on top of one another. One thing I have to mention is the care put into the packaging. Rather than cramming and stuffing my things into this box, sitting on it, smashing it, and duct taping it to keep it sealed shut; Bhiner organized it. There was some obvious, unavoidable creasing, but it seems like they really tried to keep everything in tip-top shape.

Pink Bloomers/Pumpkin Shorts
Price: $5.95 USD
These are absolutely amazing. They're identical to the stock photo, and super comfortable. The waist and legs are elasticized, so they're super stretchy. My thighs are around 42 cm, and though they are only available in the standard "one-size", they fit like a dream. They're poofy and comfy and so damn cute! I'll post some photos of my outfit whenever I take some decent ones. Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures, the lighting in my room is terrible + I use a damn iPhone for my photos... They're actually a brighter, much more pastel pink.

SPANK! Style Teddy Bear Garter
Price: $11.73 USD
I saw this garter being re-sold on Storenvy a while back, and after scouring the internet, I finally found it's origin. A Taobao store named "The Unicorn's Shop"; the owner makes and sells all types of SPANK!, 6% DOKIDOKI, Milklim-esque items. Had to give it a try, and I'm so glad I did, because it is now definitely one of my favorite stores. Like the others, my garter was wrapped separately in plastic sheeting, but placed neatly inside of a pink heart baggie, and sealed with a sticker with the shop's logo on it. CUTE. It's identical to the stock photo, and just as fluffy as it appears! One of my favorite touches is the little heart on the back that says, "I love you".  When I was purchasing from Bhiner, I left a note with my thigh measurements to the shop owner, and she made the garter to my size! She also sent me a cute matching pin in blue. 

Alpacaffe Alpacasso
Price: $10.04 USD
I absolutely love alpacas, and have for such a long time now... When Alpacassos started becoming popular, I knew that I had to start a collection. This was one of my "make it or break it" purchases. If I'd have gotten a replica like I was SURE that I was sure that I was going to, I'd have been disappointed... but the price was so good, I couldn't resist. I went for it. BUT SHE'S FRIGGIN' AUTHENTIC. Tags and all! She's so fluffy, and adorable... She's about the same height as Klaus, give or take a centimeter. I've decided to name her Latte. I really love the Alpacaffe series (because I'm a barista and my life revolves around coffee). I'm just so glad to have her!

Pink Alopaca Cosmetic Bag
Price: $2.52 USD
TofuCute sells this exact bag for ~$7, but I found it on Taobao for under $3. It's exactly like the image on the seller's page. It came with it's tags still attached. Although a bit crumpled from shipping, it does what it's designed for: holding my makeup (all three eyeliner sticks.) 

Supreme Bitch Shirt
Price: $4.25 USD
Soft and comfortable. Got it in a Medium. Fits perfectly, and it's a perfect parody of the SUPREME brand. I do worry that I may have to take precautions when washing it to avoid the design peeling or cracking. That's alright, though. Again, I'll post outfit photos once the weather's nicer. It's been nothing but rain for the last few days.

my dogs hate me pt. 2

Angel Wing High Tops
Price: $16.50 USD
These shoes were an impulse purchase. I was worried they'd make my shipping cost skyrocket, but I really didn't want to buy them from eBay and pay two separate shipping charges. (taobao order + eBay order = one broke Kamie) The taobao store had them listed in Men's Sizes, which I was nervous about, but I figured they'd actually fit me if I ordered a pair of mens' shoes because I have boats for feet. The shoes are actually incredibly supportive; they're padded well, and comfortable. They are wide, like uhh, the "skater shoes" you see on display at Journey's. They're very puffy. Like walking in marshmallows.

 ♥ Overall 

I had a very positive experience with Bhiner, and the above Taobao stores. If you're going to make a purchase from Taobao, I'd definitely recommend using Bhiner as your agent. The items I received were all of great quality, especially for their prices! I hope this little series was helpful to someone. Anyone. And if you're still a bit wary, or have more questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. 

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  1. Ahhh thank you for this! I have been looking for shoes like that for a while and the price is so good! I may consider using the agent you used! I use taobaoring atm but im always up for using a recommended service!

    1. Thank you for reading! <3 I was gonna use TaobaoRing, but then I saw how easy Bhiner was from another blog, and decided to give it a try. Haha. If you do decide to get the shoes, are you gonna do a haul post?

    2. I got the shoes but used taobaoring cause the shipping to me was $34/£22 so I went with the other service BUT i have my dream shoes now! I got the black ones and a few more items - I have quite a lot on the way tbh, so I will most def do a haul post :D

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