Thursday, May 29, 2014

With Love, 6KS

This post is long overdue on my part, and I apologize for the lack of updates within the last few weeks. I had a wretched busy schedule at work, and after I agreed to cooperate with 6KS, I got incredibly sick, leaving me incoherent with fever and cycling through terrible patterns of crying and sleeping. Mid recovery, I went away to Atlanta for Momocon; upon returning, my poor fiance caught either the remainder of my illness, or some awful version of con-rot that left him incapacitated for nearly four days. All that said, I apologize for my absence, and I thank you, 6KS for being so patient with me. On to the review!

I received these high-waist shorts and this adorable top to review from 6KS, a relatively new site to me. I browsed around their wares, and found a lot of unique items that I really liked.

  high-waist shorts   ]
  pastel blue blouse   ]

Shipping took around two weeks, which is rather average for items being sent overseas. My clothes were double bagged, the outer layer was thick plastic, and the inner was clear with the brand's logo printed clearly across it. 

I didn't receive a tracking number,  nor did I have any reason to inquire about my parcel's shipping status. However, whenever I e-mailed them about the posts I'd made on my blog, and told them what was going on in my personal life, they were incredibly kind and patient with me. 

The items I received were actually of very good quality. As a fairly experienced buyer of foreign/cheap clothing, I was expecting to get what I paid for: a cute item that will last me two or three washes, if I care for it correctly. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the fabric quality in both the top and shorts. The top is a bit stiff, but after I washed it, it was much more comfortable. 

The shorts are extremely large on me. I wear a size 4/5 in bottoms; I expected to have to size up in order for the shorts to fit properly. However, these shorts were actually accurately measured on the site, and would fit a US 8/10. They're high waisted, but they're so big that they dangle off of my hipbones, and look very strange on me. I do have a belt specifically for high-waist bottoms, but the extra fabric just bunches up and rather than looking cute, it makes me look frumpy. But this is not the fault of the company, they only did as I asked. The top was rather stiff, and the collar was a little itchy when it arrived. Despite this, it fits really well around my elbows and shoulders. It's definitely a breathable material, and after washing it, I found that it softened up significantly, completely eliminating any complaints I had. The color is beautiful, too.

putting buttons on shorts has become my new favorite hazard
I found 6ks to be incredibly reliable, and quick to respond. The two items I received were of great quality, and identical to the stock photos on their website. I am grateful for this opportunity, and I hope that you all will have as pleasant of an experience as I did with 6ks.

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