Friday, June 20, 2014

Walk with Darkness: Jane Nevermore Review

A Small Introduction To Jane Nevermore
only darkness, nothing more.
Jane Nevermore is an alternative fashion label based in the UK that's focused on making you look tough as hell with an eclectic touch. What's not to like? Inspired by various DIYs used while altering her clothes as a teenager and mixing wild patterns, Jane S. set her sites high, and worked out her own eccentric, outlandish clothing line. Jane Nevermore offers a wide variety of prints and colors in her collections, making her the go-to for lovers of pastel goth/grunge fashions, and edgy streetwear. 

From the UK, my parcel took only a week to get to me! I was incredibly impressed at it's arrival time, and how delicately everything was packaged inside. My bracelet was separately wrapped in it's own plastic blag, and both tops were folded neatly, tucked in. She even included some stickers, a nice letter (on adorable stationery) and a business card!

Jane was lovely and incredibly friendly, while maintaining a very professional tone throughout our correspondence. She kept me up to date, let me know an ETA, and gave me a tracking number.

All of the items I received were of exceptional quality. The bracelet is sturdy, and the spikes are securely attached. It's also adjustable! The crop top is made of a stretchable, breathable fabric that doesn't chafe my arms (praise!) It fits perfectly around my shoulders and chest (though I have a rather small bust, I've got broad shoulders). After washing, I found that the Tie-Dye shirt hadn't faded at all, though I do recommend letting both tops hang to dry. 

I love the unique print on the Everyday Demons crop top, and again, I love the fabric it's made of. I hope to own the set some day. The versatility of both designs is remarkable. I can pair the crop with a skirt for an edgy, feminine look, or wear it with some frayed denim shorts for a grungier vibe. I chose a Tie-Dye top that was designed with darker hues, so that I had the choice of brightening the outfit with lighter colors, or wearing it with blacks or gray shades to let my top be the centerpiece. 

this is my favorite photo. also, ginger was in absolutely every photo i took today. 

I absolutely recommend Jane Nevermore to anyone looking for a smooth shopping experience, and high quality, one-of-a-kind clothing. I've left some links below to her Tumblr, and her web-shop. I hope you all enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks again for this opportunity, Jane!

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