Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sweetbox Store Review

Hello, everyone. I was recently contacted by Sweetbox on Storenvy, asking if I'd like to review for them. After going through their wares, I accepted! I chose the Corduroy Suspender Skirt to review, (though I saw many other items I really loved!) It was available in black and wine red. I  believe it's sold out, at the moment, but you can surely contact the store to see if they'll be restocking it.

Shipping was pretty standard, took around two weeks to get to me. The items were packaged in a paper parcel, and tucked neatly into another plastic bag inside. Everything arrived safely.

I was given a tracking number, and all of my questions/inquiries were answered within two days.

I really love this skirt! It's made of a corduroy material, and  it's somewhat stretchy, making it easy to slide over my hips. To my surprise, this skirt has pretty deep pockets, too! I love skirts with pockets. It's really a flexible piece; it can be worn simply, with a button-up blouse, a fancy hat, and some stylish flats (as seen above) for a vintage look, or, throw on a pair of circle shades, a sleeved crop top, and your Doc Marten's to look like you've just slashed the throats of twelve men and are in need of a very strong drink.

My only issue with this skirt were it's straps. They are detachable, which is wonderful, it just adds to the versatility of the piece. The material the suspender straps are made of is fairly cheap. It isn't flexible at all, and if you're taller than 5'9, they'll be too short for you. They also seem like if you add any additional pressure to them, they'll snap or tear. I had the clip in the last little hole, and it was fine, but just as a warning to my taller folk: be wary of the straps being too small.

I only gave this item a 4 out of 5 because of the straps. I adore this skirt, and I LOVE that I can wear it in so many different ways. As a habitual outfit repeater, it's adaptability will keep me getting too terribly boring. I had a very positive experience with SweetBox Store, and I hope we can collaborate again! Thanks for the opportunity, I hope you all enjoyed this quick review.

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