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It's been a long time since my last review. I apologize for my absence, but I've been very busy adjusting to my life as a newlywed. After a few months, I'm ready to climb back in the saddle! Here we go!
This review was brought to you by ROMWE, an alternative fashion webstore based in China. Romwe offers a lot of eclectic, individual designs, as well as some more minimalistic base pieces. I've been shopping with Romwe for nearly two years, and I've never had any sort of issue with their service. In fact, every customer service representative I've had contact with has been a delight to talk with.

Firstly, a little about Romwe's sponsorship program. Based on your traffic, Romwe assigns money vouchers to your account that you can use/save like a gift card. Once you find the items you want, you add them to your cart, and check out as normal. Unlike other stores I've worked with, where you tell a representative what items you want, and hope for the best. I like Romwe's method personally, because I don't feel as pressured or nervous as I would asking for something from another person (i'mr eally not good with people, ok gimme a break) I've explained this because I wanted to eliminate the insecurity some may have of my order getting special treatment because I'm a fashion blogger. Now.

Shall we get to the review?

Items I ordered:
♥ Striped Shorts  ]
♥ DEVILS Top ♥ ]

From China, my package took around three weeks to arrive. I ordered on September 26th, and received my package on October 16th. My clothes arrived in an undamaged, plastic parcel. Inside was my receipt, and two separate zip-loc bags.

 (only the essentials)
I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the clothing. The shorts were lined well, there were no excess strings or uncut button holes. They're made of a light fabric but the inner lining prevents the color of your skivvies from showing through. The shorts have an elastic waist, and a button/zipper combo. I was initially attracted to this pair because of their minimalist design, and how flexible they could be with all sorts of outfits. I ordered a medium, but I was saddened by how large they were. I overestimated my size, I suppose, because these cute shorts literally fall off of me. :( I think I'll return them for a small! (The medium fits like a US 8) The DEVILS shirt, though, is absolutely perfect. It fits like a dream. (shirt runs true to size) It feels like cotton, and is very soft. It's perfect for cooler autumn days, because the fabric is thick enough to retain some heat. I like how the top looks with just a pair of leggings, but it is quite accommodating with its basic color scheme and design. This is a tee I can wear many different ways.

The shirt's sleeves are printed with "DEVIL #8" on either side, and the front says "DEVILS HAVE NO FANS".  The print is smoothly transferred, without defect. 

Shipping took a while, and the shorts ran large, but attention to detail and the items' quality left me with a happy experience. I definitely recommend ROMWE to anyone looking for something unique to add to their closet.

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