Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blonde Rhapsody

 Rhapsody Wig Photos

Today, I decided to play dress up with my new Rhapsody wig. I absolutely love it to death. I can't wait to wear it outside of my front yard.

I've had my hair incredibly short for six years now. Let it be known my love of pixie cuts. I have an oddly angular face; short hair accentuates my weird fucking features in such a way that I am confident. After putting this wig on though, I felt like a completely different person. I strutted into the gas station today. The moment I stepped in line, two men started cat-calling, "'ey guh where you stay at". Normally, I will laugh, brush it off, whatever. Today, today, an entirely new person walked within me. I looked the main culprit in the eyes, and just said, "No." To which he turned to his friend, drops his head and just says, "sheeeeiiitt," before promptly leaving.

This wig is super thick, as I'm sure you've gathered from the photos. It floats in the breeze behind me whenever I walk. It's a bit heavy, as to be expected. It's around 70cm long. I can do quite a few things with this; hair bows, pig-tails, braids. I'm really excited, I feel a bit overwhelmed with options.

So far, people have told me that I look like Luna Lovegood and Rapunzel. Either of those are okay with me.

The top is from Romwe. The choker is from NeverBaby. 
(you can get 15% off your order from NeverBaby with the code KAM13)

Have you guys got any suggestions for new wigs to try out? There are several over at Insomnium Wigs and Gothic Lolita Wigs that I'm dying to get my paws on.

Until next time~

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