Saturday, August 24, 2013

Crafty Oyster Review: Geekery Supply

This review is brought to you by Crafty Oyster, a new shop on Etsy that is run by a woman from my town. Crafty Oyster specializes in cute and geeky snowglobes! Poke'mon, My Little Pony, Star Wars; you can even make a custom order if you don't find a character you like. The owner, Danny, was kind enough to send me a handmade Marowak snowglobe to review!
The Package: ★★★★.5/5
Here's the box with all the goodies inside. It was wrapped up tight, decorated with a precious pastel bow.   The only reason it received four and a half stars is due to the fact that the snowglobe didn't have much padding inside the box. There were some of the air packets, but the mail carriers can be pretty reckless when it comes to shipping things overseas. 

Contents: ★★★★/5
A little handwritten notecard from the seller! I'm always delighted to read the notes, it really puts a personal touch to the entire package. She also enclosed one of her beautiful photography prints individually packed in a paper sleeve.  Inside the sleeve was a card with her photography URL on it! (you can view more of her photography here and her artwork here)

My delight! I love Poke'mon, and I also love handmade items!  When Danny told me she would make me a little globe, I melted with excitement. The snowglobes are made of recycled baby food jars. The bottom is painted, and twine is wrapped and tied in a cute little bowknot around the bottom. Unique, personal, perfect. There's not a thing wrong with the globe at all!

Overall: ★★★★.5/5
I love this shop! I'm delighted to have such a wonderful addition to my collection. These are the perfect gifts for any geek! They'll add a bit of nerd culture to any home. You guys should definitely go take a look at her shop! Hope you guys enjoyed this review, thanks for reading!

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