Sunday, August 18, 2013

NeverBaby Review!

Alright guys! This review is all about the Storenvy shop, NeverBaby! I have been really looking forward to this review, because Sarah's shop has some amazing products. She makes custom beanies with sassy phrases, and has a collection of accessories like spiked collars and headbands. One of my favorite things about this shop, though, is that the owner donates 10% of the money to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.) Not only are you getting high quality merchandise, but you are helping out a great cause.You can find out more about RAINN here. On to the review!

The Products: 
Pearl Lolita Choker and Thorny Rose Headband.

Shipping: ★★★/5
Can I give this portion an extra shiny star? I ordered my merchandise on the 12th, Sarah emailed me later that night to let me know that my package would be shipped the following day. On the 15th, my fiance found this delightful haul in our mailbox. I cannot express how impressed I was with the ship-time! 

Communication: ★★★/5 
Very prompt responses, and very polite. Sarah is one of the most courteous and pleasant shop owners I have had the luxury of speaking with. She's so personable! She let me know when my package would be shipped before Storenvy had even processed it. (you go, girl!)

The Package:

I took this picture on top of brownies.

My two items came protected in a clear plastic parcel, wrapped separately in pastel pink tissue (a beautiful touch!) I'm a sucker for small details. They were very carefully enclosed, all the edges tucked away and everything. Very professional. 

The Thorny Rose Headband: ★★/5

The first product is the Thorny Rose Headband. I love how well the little roses mesh with the spikes. It's a perfect mixture of bad ass and delicacy. It's a very edgy piece, ideal for my wardrobe! I actually wore it to work today. I got a lot of compliments on it. I found that it held in place for my entire shift (all seven hours of it). No slips, no readjusting, nothing. It is so incredibly lightweight, I forgot it was even there. I note this in particular, because I have very thick hair, and I find it strangely difficult to find headbands that will actually keep my hair out of my face, and stay in place.

Pearl Lolita Choker: ★/5

This choker caught my eye as soon as I saw it. The photos on her site look identical. For those of you that shop frequently on the internet, you know how important this is. I love the smooth feel of the faux leather on my neck, it isn't irritating or overly restricting. The ribbon in the back is very glossy, and graceful. I found that this choker is actually quite hefty to hold, although it stays in place on my neck. The studs don't droop, so I feel fierce as fuck when I have it on. It's very sturdy! I have already planned several outfits around this choker.

Overall: ★/5
I am very satisfied with my purchases, and I will definitely be purchasing from NeverBaby again! Thank you so much Miss Sarah, for giving me this opportunity to review your shop, and for providing excellent customer service. 

To top it all off, Sarah was kind enough to share a discount code for my readers!
 (also can we talk about how clever this discount code is)
Shop NeverBaby Here!

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