Friday, August 30, 2013

Dark Moon Boutique: Street Fashion for Badasses

Greetings, readers. Today I will be talking about one of my favorite online shops, Dark Moon Boutique. DMB offers a variety of edgy street fashion and accessories. They have so many different pieces to choose from! I'm in love with alien themed prints, and this is one of the few shops I can find that makes the print look good. Also, if I'm not mistaken, I believe Dark Moon recently began collaborating with DollsKill. For those of you who aren't familiar with DollsKill, you can click this link!

My items were neatly packed inside of the standard gray US Mail, thick-plastic baggie. It arrived after only four days! 

The Contents: 

The owner was kind enough to send me the Spiked Beanie, three Insultation Heart Patches, this beautiful matching Garter, and some business cards. I adore all of these items. I placed the business cards on the front counter at my work, and almost all of them were gone by the end of my shift.
The beanie is one of the most comfortable I've ever worn. The material is soft, warm, and loose. It fits my head perfectly. I got so many compliments on this hat! The best thing about this beanie, though, is that you can wear it loosely, so that the top isn't touching your head on warmer days, or you can pull it down, and wear to warm your ears on cooler days. The spikes are sturdy, you can wear this beanie without fear of them falling off. 

The Garter she sent me is beautiful, don't you just love the colors? It's super stretchy, so it'll fit all kinds of thighs, and the flower attachments add a very whimsical feel to this piece.  It's just a bit too big for my leg, though. So it did fall down on me a bit. So, when ordering garters, be sure to send in your measurements!

Insultation hearts are really trending right now. I love them; sassy + cute = the future. Once I find something worthy enough, I will put these patches on, and photograph it for you guys to see. I'm just so indecisive! 

I love Dark Moon Boutique. I highly recommend this store to you guys; they have all sorts of items in a variety of different designs. I love the quality of the material, uniqueness of the designs, and most of all, the statement that each piece makes. I'll leave you guys with some pictures. Thanks for reading~

Shop Dark Moon Boutique Here!

You can kind of see how big it is on me, here, but I still love it. 

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