Monday, December 16, 2013

Geeky Gift Ideas

Gifts for Geeks

Gifts for the Geek

Here are some ideas for the geek in your friend group or family. Many of these items are from a store called "Thinkgeek". For those of you who are unfamiliar, Thinkgeek has an amazingly organized website that I purchase from all the time. They are very professional, and their ship-times are AMAZINGLY fast. All of Thinkgeek's items are top quality. I have never been disappointed by them once.  I hope you find some use in this list. Who are you shopping for this holiday? 
Game of Thrones Scarves
Fennekin Plush
Tardis Teapot
Firefly Messenger Bag
Batman Cufflinks
Aperture Logo Cufflinks
Theory of Versatility Socks
NES Controller Case for iPhone 5
Hobbit "One Ring" Earrings
Mockingjay Pin
Tardis Tea Infuser
Complete Cowboy Bebop Collection
Tardis Lunchbox
Gandalf Prop Pipe Replica
The Walking Dead Book One
The Walking Dead Book Two

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