Friday, April 18, 2014

What I've Been Watching Lately: Part 2


If you're looking for a heartwarming story, smooth animation, and powerful characters, I'd suggest any of the above. I can't guarantee that you won't cry, though. I know I did. A lot. Refer to the third row down to comfort yourself after watching any of these movies.

☆ Wolf Children 
☆ Tokyo Godfathers 
☆ Summer Wars 


If you're looking to bend your mind a bit, or get in the heads of serial killers, these shows might be for you. (not pictured: criminal minds) I will warn you though, these can be a bit gory (especially Hannibal & Dexter.) If you can deal with blood (and in Hannibal's case, outright crudeness) then you are in for a ride. 

☆ Hannibal 
☆ Sherlock 
☆ Dexter 

I've never truly given goofy anime a chance. I'm really glad I have started to, because I've gotten a bit worn out with all the emotions other shows have given me. Any of these shows would make a nice buffer from all the feels other anime like to hand out. If you're looking for something light, silly, and rather perverted, I'd recommend any of the above. I love Space Dandy. I like having it on in the background while I'm playing Animal Crossing or Mario Kart; though it's not very conducive while I'm mid-race, because I'll burst into laughter, fly off-course, and then immediately be thrown into a fiery rage because mothershit i'm in last place again fuck

Space Dandy 
☆ Panty & Stocking 
☆ Bobobo-Bobo-Bobo 

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